About us

At Build Two Win Performance, athletes will acquire a competitive aptitude by improving their strength, speed, and power. Prioritizing injury prevention both in training and on competitive environments, we take a long-term athletic development method with our athletes who train at Build Two Win. We are educating our athletes on the foundations of strength with resistance training. Improving speed by educating about the facets of linear and multi-directional speed and deceleration, and amplifying overall power with plyometrics and medicine ball training.

Athletic development doesn't cease with speed and power. Here at Build Two Win Performance, we understand how mobility, stability, and soft tissue manipulation has an influence on athletic development.


Build-Two-Win Performance is founded by ZaQuan Irby. This performance company was created to enable young people and athletes to achieve their fitness and athletic goals.

I originally discovered that athletic training could help many unfortunate kids who are misguided by their environment or friends. It was here where I would be able to teach the necessary life skills such as self-awareness, communication skills, decision making, leadership development, concentration, confidence, time-management, adversity, teamwork, and so much more. Soon after, I understood this is something that all people can benefit from, no matter what walk of life you're from. Everyone needs life skills and wants to be apart of a family-like environment.

Along with athletic development, my mission is to empower young people in realizing their importance as an individual apart from sports. Too many young people can't identify themselves after athletics and this could be detrimental. I want to help them recognize that they're unique and special without athletics. This is why my company is titled Build -" Two"- Win not only am I building the athlete but I'm building the individual so I am building "two".