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Putting in the time and effort to get better at something takes hard work and determination. At Build Two Win Performance, we'll help you achieve your goals through our technical athletic performance camp. On top of your workout and practice schedule, a focused camp can help you hone in on specific skills you want to improve on. We offer all types of camps, from footwork camps to a speed training camp.

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Pick a camp that suits your skillset

Pick a camp that suits your skillset

Personal training sessions can help you increase your athletic abilities all around, but if you know there's a certain skill you want to get better at, our athletic performance camp is where you want to be. We can help you round out your skills to become a well-rounded athlete. All of our camps are four-week camps where we meet with you three times a week. These camps are tailored to high school athletes who want to continue to play their sport at the collegiate level.

If you find a camp you like, call us. We'll walk you through the enrollment process. We also offer team training camps where we'll visit your school to help your team get ready for the season. Call 518-961-1018 now to get started.

Footwork training camp
$175 for 12 sessions

Your footwork propels everything you do on the field, especially if you play soccer or football. Set yourself apart by enrolling in our footwork training camp. We'll run:

  • Ladder drills
  • Hurdle drills
  • Balance drills

The goal throughout this camp is to increase your foot speed so you can juke past the competition.

Speed training camp
$175 for 12 sessions

Our speed training camp focuses on increasing your overall speed. Our founder is a track coach who understands all of the factors that go into your acceleration. You should consider this camp if you want to:

  • Increase your speed and agility
  • Understand how to use your multi-directional speed
  • Focus on improving your linear speed

Learn all about our speed training camp by contacting us. We're more than happy to answer your questions.

Energy system development camp
$175 for 12 sessions

Being in shape is one thing, but being in peak condition for your specific sport is more difficult. Once you've invested your time, money and energy into a sport, you want to be at your best. Our energy system development camp can help you tailor your body to fit the needs of the sport you're passionate about.

We'll help you improve your overall endurance so you can stay in the game or in the pool as long as possible. Trust our team when you want to get in shape for your sport.

Combine camp
$175 for 12 sessions

Everyone who plays football or baseball understands the importance of the combine. Our combine camp breaks down the drill you'll have to perform in a traditional combine to help you get ready for your big day. We'll focus on prepping you for the:

  • 40-yard dash
  • Pro-agility test
  • L-drill

Start your potential career off on the right foot by enrolling in our combine camp today.

Youth Elite Performance Training
$65 for once a week or $120 for twice a week

This class includes ABC (agility, balance and coordination) training with an introduction to light weightlifting, sleds, plyometric training, and medicine ball training.