Understand Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

Meet with our sports performance coach in Troy, NY

Everyone starts their fitness journey at different levels. Whether you've been playing sports or walking every day, you can always build more muscle, increase your mobility and feel lighter on your feet. Build Two Win Performance offers free performance assessments so you can figure out where you are, and our team can help you determine where you want to go.

Based on your fitness goals, our sports performance coach will create a customized training program for you. We can create group or individual sessions based on what you want. Learn how our sports performance coaching staff can help you by contacting us in Troy, NY today.

Our personal training membership packages are built on weight training

Our personal training membership packages are built on weight training

Although every session you have will be different and completely tailored to you, our packages can be purchased in groups of sessions. Our gym sessions are available for adults and kids between seventh and 12th grade. Our personal training membership packages include:

  • A one-hour personal training session ($60)
  • A single one-hour session per week ($100 monthly fee), 4 times per month
  • Two one-hour sessions per week ($150 monthly fee), 8 times per month
  • A three-month season which includes two one-hour sessions a week ($375)

On top of our traditional personal training membership, we offer ABC (agility, balance and coordination) training. These packages are available to adults and kids from first to sixth grade. For $50 per month, you can enjoy four training sessions. You could also take eight training sessions a month for $95. Find what works best for you by calling one of our coaches today.